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We provide coaching services. Over the years we have helped many companies accelerate their Cloud adoption with DevOps and we can do the same for you too.

DevOps support by default

Not only does Cloud Computing provide companies with a wide range of technology features but it gives them the freedom and flexibility to use them at a speed that suits them. As a result upgrades and the enhancements of features across environments has become easier and faster. In the same way, DevOps makes the delivery of new products, features and enhancements easier and faster.

Both solutions have their own benefits to consider for speed and productivity. However, when they come together they enhance each other’s strengths. In fact, together they enable companies to excel.

Because Public Clouds like Azure, AWS and GCP are designed and built so that they are able take full advantage of DevOps. For example, they already have the tools for centralised deployments and automation built-in so they support DevOps practices by default.

Integrated Tools for Cloud automation

DevOps automation continues to become more cloud-centric and immersive. Because cloud computing providers now deliver full and integral toolsets specifically for this purpose

Why is DevOps driving Cloud Adoption?

In particular it is the need to simplify and speed up the development process. Because the latency in making capital purchases of hardware and software slows the development process. In other words Developers end up waiting around for capital resources to be put in place before the applications can be finally be deployed.

Thus, DevOps won’t have much value without the Cloud. Consequently, the Cloud won’t have much value without DevOps.

So companies that once thought they could move to one or the other, and that no dependency existed. Are finding that dependencies do indeed exist.

use the house of devops to define your own devsecops model

Cloud enables DevOps and both are equally important for digital transformation

Although Cloud gives you endless technology services and tools it does not give you any processes. Meanwhile DevOps gives you practices to easily use these services. For this reason they should be used together and are equally important.

Here are the major benefits of using DevOps in the Cloud

Built-In Tools

Because Cloud platforms have built-in tools for automation and natively support DevOps practices, it is easier to get started with DevOps.


Compliance and Security

Similarly Cloud platforms make it easier to manage compliance an security, because they offer a centralised platform.

Scalable Infrastructure

Cloud platforms allow you to upscale or downscale your infrastructure as and when needed. Making it very efficient solution for rolling out new features and functionality


Agile Development

Using DevOps throughout a Cloud environment encourages better experimentation for teams, as builds can happen more easily and rapidly. Because DevOps teams can quickly provision the services they need.

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