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Digital Center of Excellence

SMEx’s overarching Digital Center of Excellence seamlessly integrates the Business Applications Center of Excellence and the Automation Center of Excellence, fostering a collaborative synergy that results in comprehensive end-to-end digital solutions.

Business Applications CoE

The Business Applications CoE serves as a vital conduit for the development and deployment of business applications, guided by a lightweight yet robust governance model. This model ensures alignment with client strategic objectives and industry standards, striking a harmonious balance between control and flexibility.

Within the Business Applications CoE, subject matter expertise and reusable components are paramount, navigating diverse industry challenges and accelerating the development process while maintaining consistency. Leveraging the Power Platform and Microsoft’s broader innovation ecosystem, the CoE delivers unparalleled solutions, integrating cutting-edge tools and technologies to stay at the forefront of business application development.


Automation CoE

Enabling this, is the Automation Center of Excellence which plays a pivotal role in delivering advanced automation solutions. Utilizing Power Automate, Azure DevOps, Azure Cloud, and GitHub strategically, it creates efficient and scalable automation solutions.

Power Automate streamlines workflows, facilitating seamless integration of applications and services within and beyond the Microsoft ecosystem. Azure DevOps and Azure Cloud enhance capabilities, ensuring secure and scalable environments for developing, testing, and deploying automation solutions. GitHub complements by providing robust source code management and version control.


Together, these two centers collaboratively leverage advanced technological tools, reflecting SMEx’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that align with clients’ digital transformation goals and address evolving needs. The cohesive integration of expertise and technologies ensures a holistic approach to digital excellence.

Having a Digital CoE is a strategic imperative

Enterprises and Government Agencies aiming to thrive in the digital era must take a structured approach to innovation and efficiency

Skill Development

Providing a platform for skill development, a CoE enhances expertise and contributes to professional growth


Enhancing adaptability in a rapidly evolving landscape, a CoE quickly assesses and adopts emerging technologies


Serving as an innovation hub, the CoE fosters continuous improvement and encourages experimentation with emerging technologies

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