Enterprise App Development and DevOps

We work directly with your team to improve, educate and empower them to work more efficiently

SMEx Digital is a Microsoft and ISTQB Silver Partner with competencies in Application Development, Cloud Platform and Software Testing

How We Can Help

At SMEx Digital we pride ourselves on delivering successful outcomes and adding value to Enterprise App Development and DevOps projects. We provide 360 degree App Development and DevOps services that can be utilised at any stage of the project life cycle.

We believe in doing things well

Two things that we believe we consistently do well are…


Our Enterprise App Development services allow Clients to augment their existing capabilities with a ready to use SCRUM team

DevOps Solutions

Our DevOps Solutions simplify release management, get features to users faster and ensure quality software is delivered every release

360 degree Enterprise App Development.; DevOps.

We take a standard proven approach


We follow the SCRUM methodology to provide quality, transparency and increased Return On Investment (ROI)

Test Driven Development

We leverage Test Driven Development (TDD) to shorten development feedback time and ensure software works as intended


We follow the DevOps philosophy to support the Continuous Delivery Value Chain and simplify release management

Data Driven Strategy

We use standard metrics to measure the progress of App Development projects, which increases visibility, allows informed decisions to be made, optimises the development efforts and minimises time-to-value.

Architectures and Patterns

We specialise in a traditional Mobile, Web and Single Page Apps (SPA)


The Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern forces a separation of concerns; as a result, maintenance and testing of the application become simpler and easier


Model View Presenter (MVP) similar to MVC in which the controller has been replaced by the presenter. Most commonly used with ASP.NET Web Forms applications


Model View View Model (MVVM) supports two-way data binding between View and View Model enabling automatic propagation of changes

Continuously Delivering Quality Apps

As an ITQSB Partner we are committed to software testing. We integrate comprehensive functional and non-functional testing with DevOps to deliver more value with less risk.

SMEx Digital App Development Workflow

We take an iterative approach to delivering software ensuring that a functioning product increment is available at the end of every Sprint








We have a global team to ensure that we have the right skills for your Enterprise, Web or Mobile App Development project.

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