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Full service DevOps and Agile consultancy in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

Helping businesses, teams, and people work more effectively, have richer interactions, and deliver more effective outcomes.

DevOps + Agile = Business Agility.

DevOps is critical for agility. It accelerates delivery speed, improves quality, increases the flow of value to customers, and reduces risk. SMEx Digital works with medium to large companies and government departments in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, using a combination of DevOps + Agile practises to simplify their processes and systems, and boost business agility.


DevOps Delivery.

SMEx’s DevOps Delivery service helps organizations build the capability to adapt and accelerate DevOps transformation, by allocating the best DevOps professionals to the team. We provide suitably skilled Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and DevOps Engineers to augment the skills and capabilities of your existing team.

Build a culture first.

DevOps isn’t just about Development Operations, it’s about culture.

Working with DevOps requires a changing mindset. A great company culture is a driving factor of success, enabling your teams to adapt and accelerate DevOps transformation.

SMEx Digital’s team is ready to identify and analyze your organisational culture pain points, and empower your team to become self-organising, taking full ownership over processes and development.

DevOps Delivery Program

Increase productivity and establish a DevOps mindset through SMEx Digital’s DevOps Delivery Program.

We help you allocate DevOps Engineers to your team, taking care of the bureaucracy, onboarding and training.

DevOps Tools.

Our team is prepared and well trained to work with the best DevOps Tools available in the market, helping our clients rapidly and reliably deploy and innovate in their projects.

DevOps Delivery Benefits.

Thinking of hiring a DevOps professional in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne? Here’s 6 reasons why you should.


Having a DevOps professional on your team helps your organization move at high velocity, releasing higher quality, stable outcomes, more frequently.



Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices allow teams to test changes and ensure the functionality and quality of applications.


Increase repeatability and scalability of development processes by automating and managing complex changing systems with reduced risk.



Adopt the right DevOps tools to work smarter and automate processes to increase the frequency and pace of releases.



The security principles and practises adopted with a DevOps model help you maintain improved efficiency and productivity.



A DevOps mindset builds a culture that enhances collaboration and transparency within teams. Save time and reduce inefficiency in your operations.

Agile Consultancy.

SMEx’s Agile Consulting service helps teams and organisations improve their agile and devops practices, enabling them to deliver technology outcomes more efficiently. We work closely with your team to understand your current processes and systems, so that we can produce an Agile Blueprint to help you achieve your goals.

SMEx Digital gets to know your needs.

SMEX works closely with clients, so we get to know yourr people, processes and culture. This enables us to establish the most effective DevOps and Agile strategies and solutions for your business, to improve efficiency, remove barriers and increase agility.



Our solutions provide people, teams, and organisations with tactical activities focused on immediate improvement.



We empower individuals and teams to form long lasting habits focused on business agility.

Agile blueprint.

SMEx’s agile blueprint help teams and organisation get real value from Agile and DevOps. By working from within to share knowledge, develop skills and empower your people, we help create environments that promote long lasting agility and innovation.



Through transparency and focus, each and every member of your team will know how things are progressing, and what needs to be done.



DevOps and Agile practises enable different mindsets to utilise unique strengths and work collaboratively toward shared goals.

Agile Consultancy Benefits.

Our Agile Consulting service enriches your Agile and DevOps journey by enabling continuous delivery of effective outcomes by self-organising teams. Collectively, this increases the value to users, and flow of business.


Assess Culture.

SMEx will get to know your team on an individual level, to create personal and meaningful connections that promote strong culture.

Review Tools.

SMEx will assess your processes and tools to determine how well they are working for you, and how you can better enhance your capabilities.

Analyse Delivery.

SMEx will review the delivery outcomes your team has produced to determine the effectiveness of your process.


Agile Blueprint.

Our findings form your Agile Blueprint; the current state of your Agile & DevOps practise, with strategic activities for improvement.

Agile Delivery.

SMEx’s Agile Delivery service allows organisations to gain a competitive edge by building high performing Agile teams. We assist you in forming a network of collaborative, empowered and engaged cross-functional teams, with a shared vision and purpose.

Matching your business needs.

SMEx uncovers your unique business needs and challenges with Agile and DevOps implementation. We’ll match the best professionals to your company so you can unlease your Agile potential and achieve digital transformation.

Transparency and visibility.

SMEx’s process ensures transparency and visibility when working with your team. We maintain open communication throughout your entire transformation process and provide service level reports continuously. 

Agile Delivery Benefits.


The right skills for your project.

Have access to the Agile Community and focus on growing your business with the right skills and talents to deliver value to your project.


High performing teams.

Build a high performing, self-organising team by embedding a SMEx Agile Scrum Master or Product Owner within your organisation.


Projects running faster.

Your high performing team will focus on better quality, faster, continuous delivery, so you can run iterations faster and reduce time to market.


Build internal capabilities.

SMEx gives you the opportunity to securely expand your team and build your internal capability, ensuring your path to success.

Talent Mangement.

SMEx’s Talent Management service helps clients drive growth by attracting, allocating and managing IT talents strategically, at the speed of business. We help create environments that enable long lasting agility, allowing organisations to respond to opportunities for innovation.

Build an exceptional company culture.

The SMEx Digital team will help your company build strong relationships within your Agile and DevOps teams, to nurture a culture of collaboration and build the capability required to run and deliver more effective technology outcomes.

Focus on what matters.

The SMEx Digital team is responsible for attracting, allocating and managing the best talents required to deliver value to your organisation. We take care of the bureaucracy so you can focus on your business plan.

Build a strategic plan.

Implementation of a solid talent management strategy is a key driver of growth. SMEx helps clients build long-term strategies by identifying critical roles and future skills required to establish an action plan that addresses talent gaps.

Put people first.

Your people are your greatest assets, so a people first, processes second culture is essential. After helping establish your team’s culture, SMEx focuses on finding the best professionals that fit you. Our career development program attracts a plethora of well trained, high-quality, experienced professionals.

Talent Managment Benefits.


Improve talent retention.

We run individual performance management in order to improve cooperation between our clients and the SMEx Team and increase talent retention.


Improve service quality.

With access to highly qualified IT professionals, you can count on our internal process of talent management to deliver a better service quality for your organisation.


Flexible business structure.

Gain the flexibility required to adapt your business structure, so you can expand or reduce your team more effortlessly, in cost and time.


Build your capability.

SMEx Digital’s talent management solution trains your staff to effectively ensure that your company has the capability to self-sustain continuous HR processes and improvement.

Our Values

Keep things simple.

Keeping things simple is root level for us. The modern age life can be overly complex. We believe that the most effective solutions are often the simplest ones.

No bullshit.

We believe in speaking our minds and calling things as we see them, but being mindful in how we deliver. Through open and transparent communication, we deliver outcomes more efficiently.

Add value.

We exist to add value to individuals, teams and businesses. We take the time to understand your definition of value, and do our best to deliver on it. Adding value to others adds value to ourselves.

Play like a team.

We have a team first attitude. Teams lead us into tomorrow, allowing us to achieve things not thought to be possible.  As a team, we succeed, we fail, and we work hard together to accomplish our goals.

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