Protecting your intellectual property is paramount. At every stage of the project we ensure that your ideas are guarded by our 5 point IP protection process. 

Protecting your IP is central to the way that we work


You can feel confident that you are always protected.

The cost of IP theft worldwide:

Australia approx. 1% of GDP ($15 billion)

Germany 1.5% of GDP

US and Netherlands 2% of GDP

We understand the importance of keeping your ideas protected, at all times.


We use a number of different measures to ensure that your IP remains protected at all times.

Your IP is protected


All of our discussions are covered by a mutual NDA.

The NDA is to protect your ideas as well as our methods of execution. This ensures that it’s clear that you own your intellectual property and are legally protected. Our agreements are designed to ensure that your interests remain protected, and have been vetted by the most reputable legal firms.

No Outsourced Development

At SMEx Digital all of our app development projects are run by internal team members. As part of their on-boarding, every team member must successfully pass our internal vetting.

So you can rest assured that your intellectual property will only be accessed by our team following the appropriate controls.

Employee vetting and non complete

We believe that prosperous relationships are build on trust.

We make sure that we know as much as possible about our team members. Each of our team members undergo the standard employment checks such as references, education and qualifications, in addition to credit and police checks. Our employment contracts are designed to prevent ex-members our of team from working on your ideas.

Least privilege access

 We follow the least privilege access control principle to ensure that our team members only have access to the information and resources that are necessary. We use the best in breed project tools to ensure that security controls and audit logging is in place for each project. This provides you with visibility over who is accessing your intellectual property at any given time.

Total visibility you can trust us SMEx Digital

Total Visibility

We will provide you with access to our custom developed dashboards so that you have complete visibility over your project from day one.

You can track the progress and ensure that you are comfortable with the project direction and status.

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