If you are passionate and committed to making a difference, then we want you to join our team! 

Our people are the most important part of our business

Push forward and grow with us

At SMEx Digital we hire only the best talent and we want everyone to thrive from day one; that’s why we invest significant resources in building collective knowledge and developing you as an individual. We want you to seize the initiative, push forward and grow with us and we’ll encourage you every step of the way.

A Modern Workplace

Diversity and inclusion is intrinsic to our culture at SMEx Digital.

In this Digital Age the word is changing rapidly as a result workplaces must adapt from their traditional nature to embrace collaboration, diversity and inclusion.

We embrace peoples differences and believed that the greatest value is create when people from difference backgrounds and viewpoints work together.

Everyone has the right to succeed regardless of their ethnicity, generation, flexible work status, sexual orientation or disability. Our culture drives our business influencing how we work with our colleagues, clients and broader community.


The things we value and believe in above all else.

Lead By Example

Be The Customer

Challenge Yourself


Who Are We

We are a modern company who leverage a self-starting team culture. Everyone participates on all levels and is invested in the success of the company.

“It is not only what WE do, but also what WE do not do for which WE are accountable.” – John Baptiste Molière

Global Work Hub

We search the globe to work with only the most talented individuals.



  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne

South Africa

  • Johannesburg


  • Hyderabad


  • Wrocław

We follow an ‘above the line’ culture

The qualities you need to display and value.

Contribute to the community

Be passionate about learning

Communicate honestly and frequently

Be proactive and show initiative


Not all developers or engineers are equal

We believe in taking a thorough and honest approach to our hiring process. Our hiring process contains a series of mixed interactions with candidates consisting of traditional Q&A style, single and panel based interviews. As well as scenario based behavioural and technical assessments to determine a candidates overall competency.

We believe that our Culture is our greatest differentiator. We invest considerable time during the hiring process to ensure that candidates share our values and outlook.

One great developer or engineer is better than three good developers

An overview of the steps involved in our hiring process

SMEx Digital uses a comprehensive yet friendly approach to ensure that we simulate an authentic experience for candidates during the hiring process. This helps us identify top Development and DevOps talent in the industry.

Initial Screening

Screening interview to assess candidates overall suitability

Role Based Competency

Score based assessment to establish competency for role

Behavioural Competency & Cultural Fit

Score based assessment to establish behavioural competency and cultural fit

Scenario Based Technical Assessment

Scenario based technical assessment with Senior Developer or DevOps Engineer

Comprehensive Background Checks

  • Criminal History
  • Employment Reference
  • VISA and Work Entitlements
  • Anti-Money Laundering

Review and Endorsement from CEO

Every candidate is interviewed and endorsed by our CEO
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