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We follow a 360 degree philosophy to deliver end-to-end App Development, DevOps and QA Testing services

Our approach to delivering services

At SMEx Digital we follow a 360 degree philosophy to deliver end-to-end services, and take an Agile approach to project delivery. This ensures effective outcomes are delivered efficiently at any stage of the Application Lifecycle.

Traditional Approach

360 Approach

360 Philosophy

Our 360 degree philosophy or 360 philosophy as we call it, is based on the 360 degree feedback approach to performance management. This approach is where a person’s performance is measured by feedback collected from multiple parties. This approach provides a more complete evaluation of the person as it incorporates all points of view.

After using 360 degree feedback for performance management and seeing the associated benefits, we decided to see how we could apply a similar principle to our services. At first it started as a way for us to create a common language. It help us describe our services and deliver them in a more consistent manner. We soon learnt that the real value proposition of 360 degree approach was to adopt it as a philosophy and integrate it into our culture.

Our 360 philosophy means that we incorporate all points of view when approaching technical tasks. This provides a more complete solution or approach, considering the people, process and technology aspects. It also means that our team are fanatically encouraged to question why an activity is required, how the activity contributes to achieving the desired outcome, and whether there is a better way to achieve the outcome.


We believe in keeping things simple and doing what we are good at, which is why getting started with us is easy. We follow a simple three step commercial process to allow us to concentrate on what’s important, delivering your project.

When it comes to doing things that we are good at there are two things that we believe we can consistently do well.



Application Lifecycle Management


Solution Design & Architecture


UI/UX Design & Prototyping


Functional & Non-Functional


Build, Test, Deploy & Measure


SCRUM Coaching & Mentoring



Continuous Planning


Continuous Integration


Continuous Deployment


Continuous Testing


Continuous Monitoring


Continuous Feedback

SMEx Digital team approach


Our team has extensive experience running Agile SCRUM projects and building strong, highly collaborative SCRUM Teams across geographical location and time zones. We believe in creating clear and effective communication channels and employing a one team, one vision, one journey approach.

To reduce time to value we leverage a Data Driven strategy. This provides total visibility and allows progress to be measured frequently through iterative learning and adaptation.


We have the optimum team to successfully deliver your project.

Our services are supported by a global team. We typically leverage local and remote resources to provide greater coverage and  resilience. We ensure that we have the optimum team to successfully deliver your project based on the skills and experience required.

To ensure that our Clients are well cared for and that all project needs are met, all of our services are designed to provide clients with complete visibility at all times. In addition we include monthly service level reporting and basic account management functions.

SMEx Digital Business people working together
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