Introducing SMEx Digital devops Delivery Services

DevOps Delivery

The DevOps Delivery service is designed to help organizations build the capability to adapt and accelerate DevOps transformation by allocating the best DevOps professionals to the team.

Build a Culture First!

We don’t do DevOps, we do culture!

Working with DevOps requires a mindset changing and build a great company culture is the main success factor that enables your teams adapt and accelerate DevOps transformation.

SMEx Digital’s team is ready to identify and analyze your organisation culture pain points and help your teams take full ownership over processes and development. 



DevOps Delivery Program

Increase productivity and establish a DevOps mindset through SMEx Digital’s DevOps Delivery Program.

We will help you allocate DevOps Engineers to your team, taking care of the bureaucracy, onboarding and training. 






DevOps Delivery Benefits

Why should you hire a DevOps Professional? 


Having a DevOps professional in your team will help your organization to move at high velocity and release more frequently with higher quality and stability.


Increase reliability

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) practices allow teams to test changes and ensure the functionality and quality of applications.



Automate and manage complex changing systems with reduced risk. Increase repeatability and development process at scale.



Our team helps your organization adopt the right DevOps tools, increasing the frequency and pace of releases. Automate process to work smarter.



By adopting a DevOps model with security principles and practices you maintain improved efficiency and productivity.



Adopt a DevOps mindset in your company and build a culture that enhances collaboration and transparency within teams. Save time and reduce inefficiency in your operations.

DevOps Tools

Our team is prepared and well trained to work with the best DevOps Tools available in the market, helping our clients rapidly and reliably deploy and innovate in their projects.

Latest News

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