Sign up to Azure DevOps is a step by step guide to signing up to Azure DevOps and Azure. Including creating a GitHub account.

Having a sandbox environment that you can try things out in is critical when learning about a new technology. With this in mind we have created this step by step guide to help you get started.

By creating a free account in Azure DevOps, a free account in Azure. And GitHub account you will have sandbox environment to experiment in. Together these accounts will enable your DevOps learning journey. For example, by creating a free account in Azure you will an environment that you can deploy your ARM Templates to. And by having a GitHub account  you will be able to clone or fork the Azure Quick Start Templates repository.


Signing up to Azure DevOps is free. You do not have to enter credit cards details when signing up. The only thing that you need is a personal Microsoft account or a GitHub account. Although you will need to provide credit card details when creating your Azure account.

Importantly, despite providing credit card details when creating your Azure account your credit card with not be charged until you chose to upgrade. Your free Azure account provides 200USD valid for 30 days. And the ability to use some services free for 12 months. Learn more about what is included in a free Azure account, here.

There are no prerequisites for creating a personal user account for GitHub. Learn more about the different type of accounts available in GitHub, here.



free azure account

Sign up to Azure DevOps

Sign up to Azure DevOps with personal Microsoft Account

You can use the steps below to create a new personal Microsoft account to sign up to Azure DevOps.

1 – Go to the Azure DevOps home page and click the Start free button.

azure devops start free


2 – On the Sign in page click the Create one! option.


create a microsoft personal account


3 – Enter the email address that you would like to use for your Microsoft account in the Create account screen.


email address for microsoft account


4 – Enter a password that you would like to use for your Microsoft account.


microsoft account password


5 – At this point a verification email containing a verification code will be sent the email address you entered in step 3. Open the verification email in your inbox, retrieve the verification code and enter it in the verify email screen.


microsoft account verification code enter microsoft account verification code


6 – Next you will have to complete the CAPTCH to create your Azure DevOps account.


create azure devops account captcha


7 – Select the region that you are in and check/uncheck the option to the receive marketing information. And click continue to accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Statement and Code of Conduct.


azure devops region


8 – Enter the name of your Azure DevOps Organization and select the region that you would like your Azure DevOps instance hosted in.


azure devops organisation name and region


9 – Next you will be prompted to create a project in your new Azure DevOps Organisation. Enter a name for your project and specify whether you would like it to be a Public or Private project.


create azure devops project


10 – Your new Azure DevOps Organisation and Project are now ready for you to start using.


azure devops project home

Create A Free Account in Azure

You can use the steps below to create a free account in Azure. In spite of this account being free you will need a credit card in order to create an account. However your credit card will not be charged with you first upgrading your subscription.

1 – Go to the Create your Azure free account page, here. And click the start for free button.


create free azure account


2 – Sign in to your personal Microsoft account that you created when signing up for Azure DevOps. Alternatively sign in to an existing personal Microsoft account.


microsoft account sign in

microsoft account sign in password

microsoft account stay signed in


3 – Next you will need to enter the details for your Azure account. Including your first name, last name and phone number. Importantly your phone number will be used to validate your identity via SMS or Call.


create free azure account


4 –  Enter your phone number and tick I agree to the customer agreement and privacy agreement option. Then click the Text me button to verify your identity.


create azure verify identity


5 – Enter the verification code that you received via SMS. And click the Verify Code button.


create azure account verification code


6 – Next you will be prompted to enter you credit card details. Once you have entered your credit card details click the Sign up button. Importantly a temporary authorization will be made on your credit card, but you will not actually be charged.


create azure account credit card

create azure account sign up


7 – Your free Azure account is now being set up and you will have the option of completing the sign up experience survey while you wait.


azure account sign up experience survey


8 – Once your Azure account has been setup you will be taken to the following screen where you can log in to the Azure Portal. And you will also receive a Welcome to your Azure free account email.


azure account ready

azure account welcome email


9 – Log in to the Azure Portal to access your newly created free Azure account. The first screen that you will see is the Quickstart Center. It provides several valuable resources for getting started with Azure.

Navigate to the Home screen of your Azure account by clicking the Home link in the welcome screen.


azure account portal

azure account portal home

Create A GitHub Account

1 – Go to the Create your GitHub account page, here. Enter a username, email address, password and tick/untick Email preferences.


create github account


2 – Lastly, you will need verify your account. Get the verification code sent to your email address to verify your account.

Once you have entered the details and verified your account click the Create account button.


github account verification code


create github account sign up

3 – Next you will have the option to specify your interests. When you have done so click Complete setup.

github account complete setup


4 – You will now see your newly created GitHub account.


github account home

Access Azure DevOps with GitHub Account

1 – Go to the Azure DevOps home page and click the Start free button.


azure devops github account


2 – Next sign in to your GitHub account.


github sign in username

github sign in password


3 – Authorise your GitHub account to access your Azure DevOps Organisation. Click the Authorize Microsoft-corp button.


authorise github account to access azure devops




4 – Now you will need to verify your identity in order to link your GitHub credentials to your Microsoft account. Click Next, and when prompted enter the verification code you received via email.


link github credentials

link github credentials verify

link github credentials sign in



5 – Lastly tick the Don’t show this again option, click Yes. And then click Got it to sign into your Azure DevOps Organisation.

You will also receive an email confirming that a third-party OAuth application (Microsoft-Corporation) has been added your GitHub account.


link github credential stay signed in



link github credentials sign in

github sign in azure devops






In Summary

In this article, you have learned how to create an Azure DevOps Organisation, including a Project. As well as,

  • How to create a free Azure account
  • How to create a GitHub account
  • Link your GitHub account to your Azure DevOps Organisation

Now you have a sandbox environment to continue your Azure DevOps journey.

Thank you for reading. We hope that this article has help you in getting started with Azure DevOps.



Keith Jenneke

Keith Jenneke

Managing Director | DevOps & Cloud Lead