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When applying Agile principles in a working environment, many of us tend to focus and get caught up on specific framework details, taking an esoteric approach. Sometimes we forget that Agile is a people over process approach.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

Agile is about working as a team, collaborating with others who have varying levels of knowledge of the methodology. Different people have different communication styles and preferred methods of learning. This can make it increasingly difficult for teams to adopt principles.

Communication and transparency are key. If you take your team members on the journey with you, they will be more engaged, and more passionate about your company mission.

There are three key things people strive for in a working environment.


We all want to be part of something useful, valuable, and bigger than ourselves. If we understand the purpose and context of Agile, and the value Agile can bring for us as individuals as part of the broader business mission, we will be more invested in Agile methodologies.


The people actually doing the work in your business are your best source of truth. They have pain points, and likely ideas and suggestions for solving these pain points. If you ask for and listen to these suggestions and ideas, your team will feel more valued and engaged, and you will be able to continuously optimise your processes.


Even in the most regulated and process driven job, there is room for freedom and personal choice. Empower your team to express themselves and make adjustments where they see fit. The quality and quantity of the targets you hit will likely skyrocket.

A powerful way to enhance your Agile practices, is by combining your Agile methodologies with DevOps.