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Learn form the SMEx Digital community as they share what’s happening in the agile and devops domains and hopefully help you achieve more effective technology outcomes

DevOps fails: 5 reasons you aren’t having luck with DevOps

DevOps fails: 5 reasons you aren’t having luck with DevOps

Everyone wants to find a magic bullet for delivering software faster. Agile and DevOps models have become increasingly popular in organisations globally as a mechanism for increasing the delivery speed and quality of software. While these models can be extremely...

DevOps in 2020: predictions and trends

DevOps in 2020: predictions and trends

The growing trend in adoption of DevOps practices and technologies saw the DevOps market generate $2.9 billion in 2017. By 2022, the market is predicted to reach $6.6 billion, and by 2025, $12.85 billion. DevOps has changed the software development industry. If teams...

DevSecOps: Development Security Operations explained.

As DevOps adoption continues to grow, organisations are increasingly evaluating how to secure development pipelines by integrating security principles and practices. We know first hand at SMEx Digital how challenging and complex a task this is. When you're new...

Agile or DevOps – Which way to go?

Agile or DevOps – Which way to go? If you have ever been a software engineer, there may have been times when you were left floundering in miles and miles of code trying to implement any modifications that the client wanted, after the final product delivery. Now,...

Agile transformation: designing the right framework.

Agile is increasingly reliant on effective execution for scale driven transformation. In order to reap the real benefits of Agile, it’s essential to design the right framework within the enterprise. Implementing an Enterprise Agile Model requires the right blueprint...