Introducing SMEx Digital Agile Consulting Services

Agile Consulting

SMEx Digital’s Agile Consulting service are designed to help teams and organisations improve their agile and devops practices to deliver technology outcomes more efficiently

We get to know your needs

We work with clients to get to know their people, processes and culture so that we can design Agile and DevOps solutions to improve efficiency, remove barriers and increase agility.



Our solutions provide teams and organisation with tactial activities for immediate improvements



We empower teams and organisations to achieve long lasting agility without us

Agile blueprint

Our agile blueprint help teams and organisation get real value from agile and devops by working from within to share knowledge, develop skills and empower your people to create environments that enable long lasting agility, allowing organisation to respond to opportunities for innovation.



Create focus on where your team is going and keep the progress visible




Our agile consulting services exist to enrich the agile and devops journey, enable the delivery of effective technology outcomes and enable teams to indepently increase the flow of business value to users


Assess Culture

We get to know your team as a whole and on an individual level creating personal connections


Review Tools & Capabilities

We take a look at the processes and tools that you’re using and see how well they are working for you


Analyse Delivery

We see what your team have been delivering lately and discuss the delivery process with your team


Agile Blueprint

We complie our findings in the agile blueprint which contains the current state of your agile and devops practicies and offers both tactical activities for immediate improvements and strategic activities for education and empowerment

Latest News

Check out the latest news from our blog. We’re always publishing interesting articles about Agile and DevOps!

5 signs of Emotional Intelligence – Do we have what it takes?

5 signs of Emotional Intelligence – Do we have what it takes?

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Building an Enterprise Agile Culture in 2019

Building an Enterprise Agile Culture in 2019

Designing a scale-driven Agile culture is a critical component of integrating an enterprise-wide Agile approach. When the people, the technologies and the processes are aligned towards a single methodology, an organization can function in a more streamlined...

6 Agile Trends in 2019

6 Agile Trends in 2019

6 Agile Trends in 2019 to look out for mid-year. How ‘Agile’ is 2019 going to be.  Agile! The word conjures up the image of the Savannahs, with a sprightly antelope or two swiftly sprinting away as the powerful pride of lionesses gives chase. But then antelopes are...

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