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DevOps for Muggles

DevOps for Muggles (non-technical folks) Let's take a closer look at DevOps in this article. It’s not a silver bullet for software development issues. When do I say DevOps do you start thinking about a bunch of tools or some technical jargon that few non-technical...

The problem with Agile is Agile

“Where focus goes, energy flows”. Tony Robbins When practicing Agile working, many of us tend to focus on the specifics of the framework that we’re using, taking an esoteric approach. It’s like the more we know there more we get lost in the gritty details. The problem...

From Agile to DevOps

  With Digital transformation at the forefront of business strategy, the demand for software development is higher than ever before, making speed and agility the highest priority for businesses today. Most businesses have embraced Agile Development practices such...