“Where focus goes, energy flows”. Tony Robbins

When practicing Agile working, many of us tend to focus on the specifics of the framework that we’re using, taking an esoteric approach. It’s like the more we know there more we get lost in the gritty details.
The problem with this is that Agile is about working as a team: a team consisting of people with varying levels of knowledge of the framework or methodology.
Not only do people in our teams have different levels of knowledge but they also have different communication styles and ways of learning. All of which makes Agile working increasingly difficult to adopt.

People who are engaged have a passion to do well, which is particularly true in the case of Agile adoption. Yet still, not enough time is spent on making sure people are engaged in Agile working.

1) Meaning: We all want to be part of something that is useful, valuable and bigger than ourselves. When we understand the purpose and context of Agile and the value that Agile can bring to not only a business but us as individuals, we will be more invested.
2) Input: People doing the work have a valuable perspective; they have ideas and suggestions. Ask for and listen to these ideas and suggestions, not all will be implemented but by openly asking and valuing ideas and suggestion people will be more engaged.
3) Freedom: Even in the most regulated and procedure-driven job, there is room for freedom and personal choices. Give people the chance to express themselves and make adjustments, while still reaching the quality and quantity targets required.

Agile is more about people and less about a process.