Introducing SMEx Digital Agile Delivery Services

Agile Delivery

The Agile Delivery service is designed to allow organisations to gain a competitive edge by building high performing Agile teams.

We match your business needs to suitable talents 

We get to know your business needs and challenges in implementing Agile, so we can match the best professionals to help your company thrive into Digital Transformation and unleash the Agile potential!

Transparency and Visibility  

Our process ensures transparency and visibility on the ongoing progress of your team.

We work close to your business, maintaining open communication during the whole process, providing service level reports continuously. 

Build a great company culture

SMEx Digital’s Team will help your company build strong relationships within your Agile Teams and nurture a culture of collaboration, building the capability needed to run and deliver more effective technology outcomes. 

Benefits of Agile Delivery Service



Have access to the Agile Community and focus on growing your business with the right skills and talents to deliver value to your project.



Your high performing team will allows you to run projects faster and reduce time to reach market.


high performing team

We help you build a high-performance team by embedding Agile Consultants to your teams, such as Scrum Masters and Product Owners.


build internal capability

SMEx gives you the opportunity to securely expand your team and build your internal capability, ensuring your path to success.

Latest News

Check out the latest news from our blog. We’re always publishing interesting articles about Agile and DevOps!

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