Enterprise, Web and Mobile App Development

We make app development projects successful by acting as your CTO and providing end-to-end app development services to ensure scalable quality apps are delivered with every release

SMEx Digital is a Microsoft Silver Partner with competencies in Application Development and Cloud Platform

We have a global team to ensure that we have the right skills for your enterprise, web or mobile app development project

“We specialise in helping large enterprises; deliver new products to the market and optimise existing app development and digital projects by giving stakeholders visibility over their investments”

Eric Phan CTO @ SMEx Digital

Our Services

Enterprise App Development

End-to-end app development services that enable large enterprise to address skills and HR barriers and argument their existing capabilities with specialised skills required to deliver app development projects

Web and Mobile App Development

Web and mobile app development services that help small to medium enterprises to create enriching digital interactions for users on every device by going beyond the mechanics and humanising every app

DevOps Consulting

End-to-end DevOps Consulting to support the Continuous Delivery value chain to simplify release management and increase value by getting new features and enhancements to Users more quickly

Agile Development

While our team are certified and experienced in delivering application development projects using the SCRUM methodology we take a practical approach to each Project customising the methodology based on Client needs

We work with Clients to understand where they are in their Agile journey and implemented any required customisations to the SCRUM methodology to ensure Project success

A Data Driven Strategy

We follow a Data Driven approach leveraging user intelligence to understand user behaviour and identify what is working and what isn’t working. With this information we can take steps, from targeted engagements and communications to product iterations, to optimise the development efforts minimizing time-to-value